Image above: "Bonnie" the 6 months young Beaglier came for an interactive Kong 'wobbler' yesterday 16/9 with very happy owners Elana and James. Thanks for the visit guys. You have a beautiful pup!
In this image w have Toy Poodles "Henry" and "Alestair" with Mum Julie. Their Dad, Kerry, is out of the picture - 6 September.
Imount lawley pets and puppies
Image above left: This is Tracey, Alex and Will with their beautiful Westie "Laksa"
- Sunday 16 July
 mount lawley pets and puppies pugs
Images below:

1.This is "Bella" the 2½ year old Jackoodle x Maltese. With Bella are Solero and Corey - Sunday 20 August.

2.Here we have Elspeth with her Cavoodles "Maple" and "Freddie Ginger".

3. On Saturday 17 June we saw Robyn with her 12 month old Japanese Spitz "Elsa". Thank you for showing us Elsa's development.
4. Saturday 15 July - This is "Billy" the Cavoodle owned by Susan, Emma and Nathan.

mount lawley pets and puppies
Images below:

1. Sam and family

2. This is "Roger" the mini Poodle with parents Rochelle and Luigi, Saturday 29 July. The couple came in and redeemed their $50 de-sexing voucher, a service given to every puppy purchaser at our shop.

3. Two loving parents Alicia and Matt with their 6 monthy old Maltese Shih Tzu "Ripley" - Sunday 28 may

4. Quinn and Tallie with their lovely Mini Poodle 'George'. Thanks for the visit guys!

Mini Poodle Roger 291.jpg

Hello :) 


I purchased a puppy from you last year. 


His name was Martin but he is now Charles I thought I would send through some photos so you could see what a healthy beautiful boy he has grown into .

Thank you for giving me my best friend 

Kind regards,

Chanelle  - Thank you for the loveley email and images of Charles!


 "Hi guys!


I was just going through my emails and found this one, so I thought I'd send you an update on Charlie!


He's almost 2 now, and as happy as ever! We live back in Darwin now - which he's settled into just fine, although, like us he enjoys some time in the aircon!!


Anyways here are some recent pictures of the little rat bag!


Best wishes,

Rachael & Stuart"


Images below:

1. Shannon popped in Tuesday 18 October with little Mojo the Maltese x Chihuahua for some yummy treats and a new harness! Thanks for the visit :)

3. In this image we have Oisin, Aine and Henry with their two Pekingese "Sassy" and "Hamlet." Thanks for showing us your pets' progress - 8 October.



 "Hi Rose,  I was so lucky to catch this shot.  It was completely spontaneous!!!!  Thank goodness for mobile phones.


The girls are doing just great.  Duchess has been renamed :Sparky on account of her exuberant nature.  She will be

alpha dog for sure.  She has grown, has done very well with bathing and an initial grooming session at Chez Diamond

Salon (aka my house) and is proving to be smart, affectionate and playful.


What a darling girl she is -  a perfect little sister for Jazz,  and along with Jazz has us completely wrapt.


Hope all is well with you and your business.


Cheers and many thanks


Trish and Bill"



Hey Rose,

Thanks you so much for you help and advice with a he food amounts the other week. Our beagle pup Benny is going great. The vet said he's a perfect weight for his ages. He's a very joyful pup with all our family. He loves going out on his little walks and seeing other dogs around and next week starting his puppy class.