Image Above: Our shop on the corner of Beaufort Street & Sixth Avenue, Inglewood.


Above: Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies are proud supporters of Wembley Downs Junior Football Club, local area primary and secondary schools and numerous local sporting and community groups. We pride ourselves on giving back to the community! 




At Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies we specialise in the smaller non-allergenic breeds that either shed very little or no shed at all and rare breeds such as French Bulldogs. That said, we melt over pugs, bostons and those other 'personality-plus' puppies and we have select reliable, trustworthy and honest breeders. For a comprehensive range of the best kept puppies in Perth refer to our 'Puppies Here' and 'Puppies Arriving Soon' pages.

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Our coin and note operated "TruBlue" dog wash station is in operation. Enter through the green gate on Beaufort Street.

The machine takes $1 & $2 coins as well as $5 & $10 notes. It is a regulated warm water machine with a two speed blow dryer and  fantastic flea rinse option.





We hire out dog bark collars so this is a great way to try before making a decision to buy . We use the "Innotek" / PetSafe collars due to their reliability and effectiveness. At $45 for 14 days we find this is a pretty good time-frame and often 'fixes' or considerably reduces the problem. Not all dogs are the same, of course, and some dogs take longer before the excessive barking is reduced.


We hire out both citronella spray and static correction collars and the all new 'vibration' collar for big and small dogs.


A condition of hire is that, along with adequate identification, we take an imprint of your credit card as security. At the end of the hire period the imprint is destroyed in your presence.


If you choose to purchase the bark collar after the hire period we will deduct the hire costs (one hire cost only) from the purchase cost of a new collar.


At very competitive prices we have a range of bark deterrent devices from hand-held ultrasonic wands to indoor and outdoor devices along with the bark collar range.


Come in or call for a price. You will find we are very competitive, and, we are a local family business!


Ask for Bob or Chris.



Rewardle.jpg - large We are members of the "Rewardle" program. If you have a card or mobile App scan your QR code and become eligible for free or discounted items. Example: accumulate 3 points for every dollar spent. Spend $50 and you may choose a free pig ear or treats to the value of $2.95. Accumulate 300 points for 10% off all treats.


Our most popular reward - accummulate 1500 points and receive a $20 discount on your purchase. You will be surprised how quickly the points accummulate!


If you do not have a card or App then you can pick one up from us. You can gain rewards from a great many businesses throughout Perth. Why not, it won't cost you anything! 


Rewardle in our shop excludes any puppy purchase and associated incidentals.


Pet food always in stock:

Complete Dry Pet Foods: - Royal Canin, Ivory Coat, Advance, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Iams & Meals for Mutts
Grain-free foods: We have Meals for Mutts, Ivory Coat, Ziwi Peak and Prime 100 SKD rolls. 
Raw food diets - Ziwi Peak (premium balanced air-dried product) & Dr B's BARF
Fresh Meat: roo, horse, mutton, beef, chicken mince, meaty bones and roo tails. We are now able to offer special veterinarian prescribed pure kangaroo meat packs that contain absolutely no additives, preservatives or other introduced meat. All of this meat is preservative free - guaranteed by the manufacturer who works closely with the Murdoch Vet Hospital.
We are now stocking 100% roo meat in 500 gram packs for those pets with allergies.
Tuckertime: 3kg and 1.5kg rolls - three meats; garlic; chicken & vegetable; red meats; weight control; puppy; cat.
Dr B's BARF for dogs and cats - kangaroo, chicken, combo, rabbit, lamb, beef and diet/light.
Dr Bruce's "vet's all natural" RAW dry and and the new 'Health Roll' frozen dog and cat food. We have personally seen  truly incredible results with this food.
Meals for Mutts & Meals for Meows: Yes, I know the name does not endear itself however the product is great! This is a holistic & organic super premium pet food. Best of all it is made in Australia. It comes in kangaroo & lamb, salmon & sardine, duck & turkey (grain free), kangaroo & turkey. MFM is gaining some serious momentum. Come in and give it a spin for yourself!
None of our meat or meat products contain sulphur dioxide!
We also stock a very large range of niche pet accessories and over the counter treatments for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. We have vitamins and other supplements including "Sasha's Blend", a medication for arthritis that is frequently recommended by veterinarians.
We are the States largest pet store retailer of "Protexin" Multi-strain Probiotic products. 

Under general conditions Protexin can be used to :-

  • Improve health naturally
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Aid in establishment of gut flora in puppies and kittens
  • Maintain healthy gut microflora
  • Re-establish gut microflora after antibiotic treatment
  • Treat and control diarrhoea/scours; inhibit harmful pathogens like E.Coli, Salmonella and others
  • Optimise digestion of feed
  • Reduce digestive disturbances and upsets
  • Reduce stress
We have had huge success from curing terrible constipation to firming up the loosest stools imaginable in customers dogs of all ages. We recommend Protexin in conjunction with quality nutrition for optimal health of your furry loved ones.
We now stock a new range of "Blackmores" PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) Natural Pet Healthcare products including Osteocare Joint Health Chews, Osteosupport Joint Care powder (for cats & dogs), Probiotic Digestive Care Powder and the newly released Rosehip oil.
We stock "Angels' Eyes", a product developed for dogs and cats to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Safe for all breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Angels' Eyes is the original and best tear and coat stain remover. PLEASE NOTE - DUE TO MANUFACTURING ISSUES IN USA ANGELS' EYES IS NOW UNOBTAINABLE IN AUSTRALIA. HOPEFULLY WE WILL HEAR POSITIVE NEWS SOON.
COCONUT OIL FOR DOGS!! An excellent source of medium chain fatty acids. Coconut Oil contains NO trans fatso it is perfectly safe for your pet. It is perfect added to your pet's food and can even be used topically for'hot' spots, dry, itchy, chaffed skin and cracked paws. In store now.  Spread the love!

We also offer Gift Vouchers. Most people have pets of one sort or another so a Gift Voucher is something that will be used and not slipped away in a drawer.

Let's go natural!


At Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies, we are continually striving to source the best and most natural foods for your pet(s). Our intention is to have an area in the shop wholly devoted to natural food for pets.


The first profile:

Dr Bruce Syme, veterinarian from Castlemaine in Victoria, explained how he was continually treating pets with increasing incidences of long term degenerative diseases like skin disease, gingivitis, bowel problems, arthritis, and even cancers.

Dr Bruce, a first class honours graduate from Melbourne University's veterinary school also studied 3 years in Molecular Genetics prior to starting vet science had a firm belief that the simple act of cooking, and the processing of pet foods is the main cause of the current (as he observed) pet health crisis.
He created special diets for his clients' pets consisting of 100% raw unprocessed ingredients. The meat is top quality human grade and free range. It is mixed with a blend of raw crushed and rolled cereal grains (but no wheat, flour or fillers), vegetables, parsley, garlic, and a range of natural vitamin and mineral supplements. The pets on the new diet staged remarkable health turn-arounds. Word spread and clients referred other people and, as the story so frequently goes, from small beginings and industry grew.
We now stock Dr Bruce's "vet's all natural" dry and frozen dog and cat food. Our product range is pictured above.
Ziwi Peak is a New Zealand pet food company that exports their product around the world. Their philosophy is that the peak health of cats and dogs depends on the sustenance they get from 'Real Meat'. Ziwi Peak is a healthy balanced real meat diet containing all essential vitamins and minerals. The product contains natural ingredients, ranch-raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. You will not find colouring, salt, sugar, artificial preservatives, fillers or grains in this product.
Ziwi Peak is air-dried so the integrity of the natural raw materials remain intact. Flavours - venison; lamb; venison and fish. The product is also available as 'moist food' in cans.
Dr Billinghurst's R.A.W BARF is a biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) for restoring animal wellness (R.A.W) available for DOGS and CATS in an assortment of flavours.

Dr B's Genuine Aussie R.A.W. BARF is:

  • Fresh Frozen,
  • with no added Sulphur Dioxide
  • and Rich in Naturally occurring Antioxidants
  • and Vitamins including Thiamin

Dr. Billinghurst is passionate about pet health and he knows that most of the disease processes which afflict modern pets are due to poor nutrition. Dr. Billinghurst knows that modern processed pet foods are responsible for most of that ill health and he has the simple but powerful solution to this problem... That solution is called the Evolutionary Diet.

The philosophy behind using BARF, or the hypothesis on which it is based is that the diet a dog evolved to eat - over many millions of years of evolution - is the best way to feed it. This is the hypothesis accepted by most modern zoos or any zoologist concerned with preserving a species of endangered animal. It is not the theory endorsed by pet food companies or the people they train - and that includes unfortunately - most vets. 

Having witnessed first hand the health destroying attributes of commercial pet food together with the health promoting benefits of an evolutionary diet, I had no option but to share this information with my clients. I began to hand out simple diet sheets to any client who was interested, mostly the owners of young pups and people whose pets had severe or long term health problems.


These products come highly recommended by this shop and the Pet Wellness veterinary practices.


Images 1 and 2: A requirement of buying a puppy from us is that all purchasers sit through a talk on the initial transitional puppy care for the first few weeks of puppy ownership. This talk covers feeding, hydration, stress management of the pup, vet checking, heartworm & fleas, socialisation, puppy sleeping arrangements and vaccination requirements.

The talk generally lasts 15 to 20 minutes but may go longer depending on the questions. In the above two images we have two staff members talking to two groups of people who had just purchased puppies. Ellada, in the blue apron, is addressing one group of people and Novia, in the red shirt, is interpreting English into Mandarin for her group. It was really heart-warming to see Novia really come into her own today. Novia is Indonesian and because she is still learning English she principally works behind the scenes. We were very proud of both girls today. They did a sterling job!
Image 3: This image show Ellada on an earlier date addressing a group of people.


Image 4: Staff member Novia tending to one of our puppies. 


Below: Some of Rose's favourite puppies. These have adorned our site for nearly 7 years.